Presenting the Sleeper Footies for your baby sims! For far too long our babes have been swaddled up unable to move. Now they can wriggle about with glee to all their hearts content. In the rar there are two different sets of which one is for boys and the other for girls. Both sets have one preset and have two fully recolorable channels.


CC: The skin used above is by Linda sims HERE

NOTE: This is not a default replacement because I have no idea how to make it default. You can easily switch them by pulling them into cas via either shift click or through MC to get to stylist.


Hey Hey Heeeyyy!
It’s late, but however I have a gift for you all!

It’s a new MP3 that requires Showtime :)
I give you this as a Looong Gift
From 371 Followers to 551 :3
So cute, a bit… Late!

Enjoy it!
Download at my Blogspot:


[ boxmediafire ]

thank you all very much for following me and supporting me every day! this community means a lot to me. it’s not much but this is how i’ll show my appreciation so i hope you like her as much as i do. a cc list and all sliders are included in the download along with .sim and .sims3pack files. if you use her be sure to tag me so i can see her in your wonderful games! i love you guys, have fun and happy simming. ○ᴥ○

TOU: please do not alter her facial structure, reupload her as your own/to pay sites (, or use her as a base for your own creations. respect this and you can expect more sims from me in the future.


Follower Gift - Yoshioka Futaba

CC’s for genetics and make up

default eyes (moonskin93), hair 1 (therescakeinyourhair), hair 2 (beaverhausen), eyebrows (Ephemera), skin (aphroditeisimmoral),  lipstick (IN3S-but here blog is down at the moment :(), blush 1 (Shyne), blush 2 (Modern_Lover), eyeshadow (ephemera), eyeliner (serbentrogue), 3D eyelashes (S-club)

If you want her make up to show up correctly you need to be able to layer the make up with the Master Conroller

CC’s for clothing and accessoires

  1. everyday: sweater (Anubis), shorts (shockshame), socks (creaturefearsims), bow (Rayne’s Factory), nails (club_crimsyn), toast-earrings (onebillionpixel)
  2. formal: dress (ilikeyourfacesims), ribbon (Hal’s Archive)
  3. sleppwear: top (Anubis)
  4. athletic: top (shockshame), shorts and socks (modishkitten), shoes (Juliana)
  5. swimwear: bikini (modishkitten)

Download.Sims3Pack // Downlaod.Sim

Terms of Use and Information



here is my first 200th follower gift.

this is a revamped version of ace kanno. you can still download the original one, but since people liked the revision i did of him… he’s up for download.

most of his clothes are the same and you can see it here. i updated his hair texture, piercings, tattoos, and his everyday clothing.

hair by ritsuka.
eye bags by shyne.
scar by i-like-teh-sims.
lip gloss by in3s. (i think it’s velvet, don’t quote me)
snakebites by in3s. 
forearm tattoo by arisuka. 

like i said, his outfits are pretty much the same except for his pants. they’re by rustynail but i don’t know… which jeans he’s wearing, so. LOL sorry. but basically, just make sure you have base game to showtime for the rest of his clothes to work. :D

with this revamp, i tackled all the features of ace i didn’t like. he got some of kimmy and israel’s unflattering stuff, like how his lips were too close to his nose and the tilt of his eyes… i just made his features somewhat smaller and stylized them to my own preference.

i gave him his original hair color, brown. i was surprised how fitting he is as a brunet! i prefer him with this compared to his black hair.

anyway, you can download ace here. you may edit his features and use him in your stories, whatever. just don’t claim him as your own, thank you and happy simming!


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